With union support, indigenous people confront fracking in Argentina

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Watch the documentary, en espaniol (with English subtitles provided by CTA)

Adolfo Aguirre- Secretary for International Relations, Argentine Workers’ Central (CTA) explains:

Since the discovery in Argentina of one of the largest reservoirs of shale gas and oil in the world, the exploration of oil and gas through the technique of fracking has become a major issue, with strong opposition to the projects by local communities, trade unions, and indigenous people . This documentary narrates the realities and struggles of the local population, headed by Mapuche indigenous communities, against the use of fracking in Neuquén. The struggle for sustainable livelihoods pits local communities against governments—national, provincial and municipal—large oil multinationals, and the main media outlets. The documentary is the first of its kind made regarding the situation in Neuquén, and it is intended to further the awareness around the impacts of oil exploration, and the need to challenge projects that in the name of ‘development’ destroy livelihoods for current and future generations — 

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