What Does It Mean for Unions to "Participate" in TUED?

What Does It Mean for Unions to “Participate” in TUED?2018-07-29T18:57:01+00:00

Unions currently “participate” in TUED; they do not affiliate. TUED expects the following from participating unions:

  • The decision to participate needs to be formal, thus one made by the union’s appropriate decision-making body (be it national, regional, or at branch/local level).
  • Unions need to agree that we can list the union and its logo on the TUED website (see here).
  • Designate a person (with a named alternate if possible) to represent the union on a global web call every two months. A proposed agenda for each call is circulated in advance.
  • If you can, make a financial contribution. Contributions can be sent via wire transfer or post; banking details available on request.

See also Why It’s Important for Unions to Support TUED.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Sean Sweeney (sweeneygli@gmail.com) or John Treat (johntreat.iplce@gmail.com).