UTIER’s Proposals on the future of PREPA and the power (and water) sectors in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 13th, 2018

Further details:

  • Democratization of the Board of Directors
    • To create a Board composed of sectors of diverse interests of society: industrialists, merchants, trade unions, consumers.
    • To allow each sector to choose its representatives.
    • This is the model that has been successfully implemented by public utilities in the US.
    • i.e.: A municipality in San Antonio, Texas, with 2 million inhabitants, has a public power corporation that is owned by the municipality and governed by five individuals, elected by the people every 10 years. The mayor is a member but he doesn’t vote.
  • Power transformation
    • To lead the transformation of the model towards renewable energies, however kept in public hands in order to prevent the private sector from hijacking renewable energies.
    • Changes are necessary; selling is not, because the purpose of a public agency is service, not profit.
  • Prepanet and its subsidiaries
    • To develop Prepanet and to its promote its business potential. Prepanet is a subsidiary of PREPA that has the largest fiber optic infrastructure in Puerto Rico and was prohibited by law from further development towards increasing its revenue.
    • It is an important asset for the island.
  • Subsidies and debt
    • To demand government to pay its debt with PREPA for power services.
  • Reservoirs
    • Most of the reservoirs belong to AEE and they give away water for free to AAA.
    • There are no costs for aqueducts, but if we were to fall into private hands, the cost of water would increase the very next day.
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