TUED Annual Report 2019: Defending and Reclaiming Public Energy on the Global Stage — TUED Bulletin 94

February 27, 2020

The TUED Team in New York and beyond is pleased to announce the release of TUED’s Annual Report 2019: “Defending and Reclaiming Public Energy on the Global Stage.”

As you will see, the network continues to grow with new unions becoming involved from the global South and North. The project has had a significant impact on union-supported efforts to defend public energy in South Africa, and to reclaim energy to public ownership in the UK.

TUED’s research and analysis is being used by unions all over the world, and the project continues to bring unions and their allies together to discuss strategy and policy.

In May, TUED’s John Treat and Sean Sweeney co-authored a widely read piece titled, Growth in Renewables has Stalled. Investment is Falling. But Why?, The piece was prompted by new reporting from the International Energy Agency (IEA) regarding a flattening of capacity additions to renewable power generation in 2018, after nearly two decades of growth.

In September, TUED hosted an international conference on “The Green New Deal, Net-Zero Carbon, and the Crucial Role of Public Ownership,” attended by more than 150 trade union representatives, activists and policy allies from more than a dozen countries.

In December, 2019, TUED team members participated in events around the official COP25 climate talks in Madrid, Spain, as well as the alternative “Cumbre de los Pueblos” (“People’s Summit”) in Santiago, Chile. TUED’s discussion document for those meetings, “Key Arguments for a Global Trade Union Campaign on Public Ownership of Energy,” is available in both English and Spanish.

TUED’s Working Paper #12, The Road Less Travelled: Reclaiming Public Transport for Climate-Ready Mobility, took an in-depth look at the considerable challenges involved in decarbonizing the transport sector, showing how little progress is being made toward that goal under current policy. It also summarizes climate-related arguments that unions can use in their fight to defend, expand and improve public transport.

During the year, TUED convened global discussion calls on the Green New Deal and Public Utilities, on Achieving a Just Energy Transition for South Africa, on how unions responded to the Global Youth-Led and General Climate Strikes, and on developments in Chile. Reports on each call are available at links.
For more information on how your union can be part of TUED, see here.

Organizational Highlights

  • The TUED network has grown to include 76 participating union bodies representing workers in 24 countries, including 4 Global Union Federations, 3 regional organizations, and 9 national centers, as well as 11 allied policy, academic and advocacy organizations. Nine union bodies from seven different countries, joined TUED during 2019, as well as one new movement ally. These unions represent more than 1.5 million members.
  • The TUED e-Bulletin now reaches more than 3,000 union staff, officers, activists and allies—an increase of roughly 20% from one year earlier. Archived bulletins are here.
  • Bi-monthly TUED “Global Web Forums” now regularly see participation by at least 60 union staff and officers from around the world, and as many as 90.

New Unions

During 2019, unions representing more than 1.5 million members joined TUED, from seven countries:

In addition to these unions, the New York City chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) joined TUED in 2019.

TUED today: 76 Unions, 24 Countries

A complete list of participating unions and allies is available here.

For more details on these and many other activities during the year, you can find the full report here.

We welcome questions and comments.

In solidarity,
The TUED Team


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