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TUED 2018 Year in Review

TUED 2017 Year in Review

Author Naomi Klein, Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff, and UNIFOR President Jerry Dias discuss Climate Change and Just Transition

Democracy Now! and Reel News Coverage of Naomi Klein, Jeremy Corbyn with TUED at 2015 Paris Climate Talks

Courtesy of Democracy Now!


More excerpts and complete talks provided by ReelNews

Event Excerpts

Jeremy Corbyn

Naomi Klein

Trade Union speakers

Final discussion

This is what energy democracy looks like – in English/en français/en español/العربية

This is what energy democracy looks like!

Voilà à quoi ressemble la démocratie énergétique!

Así se ve la democracia energética

هذه هي ملامح ديمقراطية الطّاقة