TUED Working Paper #1 | Global Shale Gas and the Anti-Fracking Movement

Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches

TUED Working Paper #1 | Global Shale Gas and the Anti-Fracking Movement: Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches2019-06-30T23:19:14+00:00

Sean Sweeney and Lara Skinner

June 2014

This paper has been prepared to assist unions and their close allies who wish to better understand the impacts of shale gas drilling, or “fracking,” and want to develop a position or approach to fracking that protects workers, communities, and the environment.

The paper begins with a summary of the shale gas industry’s global expansion, and then looks at the opposition to fracking that has emerged in a number of key countries. A preliminary profile of the anti-fracking movement highlights the goals and characteristics of this movement as well as the issues that lie at the heart of the resistance. It concludes by attempting to bring together the available information on unions’ perspectives and positions on this increasingly important issue.

The paper also raises for discussion the prospect of unions giving support to a global moratorium on fracking based either on the precautionary principle (the health and environmental effects are not fully understood or have still to be adequately addressed) or on the more definitive assessment that fracking can never be sufficiently safe in terms of its impact on health and the environment and should therefore be stopped altogether.

Download the full paper here.