New York TUED events – itinerary and participants

Itinerary for New York:



9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Power to the People: A Strategy Discussion on Advancing Social Ownership of Energy

 An international working meeting open to unions participating in Trade Unions for Energy Democracy and invited guests.  Special guest Naomi Klein.

Evening event (optional) with Mary Robinson, UN Special Envoy for Climate  Change, Bill McKibben, 350.0rg  (TUED on the program)


People’s Climate March (start time for unions 10:30 a.m.)  TUED will march with the labor contingent.





International trade union breakfast for TUED, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. hosted by 32BJ SEIU.

Post-march reception and celebration: 6:30 pm – 9:30 p.m., hosted by 1199 SEIU, 310 W.43 St.  TUED co-sponsoring with New York unions

TUED unions (non-U.S.) coming to New York (includes only those who have confirmed)

Argentina CTA International :   Maite Llanos
Brazil CUT :   Vania Viana
Brazil CUT :   Carmen Foro
Canada CLC :   Hassan Yussuf
Canada CLC :   Donald LaFleur
Canada CUPE :   Charles Fleury
Canada CUPE :   Graham Cox
Canada CUPE :   Michael Butler
Canada UNIFOR :   Patty Barrera
Canada UNIFOR :   Sari Sairanen
Canada UNIFOR :   Jerry Diaz
Canada CSN-Quebec :   Nathalie Guay
Canada FTQ-Quebec :   Johanne Deschamps
India NTUI :   Susana Barria
India NTUI :   Ashim Roy
Korea KPTU :   Wol-san Liem (w/ others)
Korea KPTU, KLSNE :   Hyeon Gyu Shin 
Korea KPTU, KLSNE :   Jonghoon Lee 
Korea KPTU, KLSNE :   Yeon Seob So
Korea KLSNE :   Inhee Lee 
Korea KLSNE :   Junmo Koo
Norway NUMGE :   Asbjorn Wahl
Norway NUMGE :   Gunnar Steinsholt
Peru FENTAP :   Dante Alfaro
Philippines SENTRO :   Josua Mata
South Africa COSATU :   Khwezilomso Mabasa
Trinidad and Tobago OWTU :   Peter Burke
Trinidad and Tobago OWTU :   Roger Stewart
UK GMB :   Bert Schouwenburg
UK GMB :   Jim McPherson
UK PCS :   Chris Baugh
International Transport Workers  ITF :   David Hansen-Miller
Public Services International  PSI :   Rosa Pavanelli
Public Services International  PSI :   David Boys
PSIRU – Africa  PSIRU :   Sandra Van Niekerk
Sustainlabour Foundation  SLF :   Laura Martin Murillo

US Unions and allies (confirmed): 


1199 SEIU Estela Vasquez, James Johnson
32BJ SEIU Lenore Friedlaender, Bill Aristovulos
Amalgamated Transit Union Bruce Hamilton
Local 3, IBEW Michael Yee, Humberto Restrepo
National Nurses United Fernando Losada (with others)
NY State Nurses Association Judy Gonzalez, Jill Furillo, Sean Petty
United Auto Workers Julie Kushner
Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project Brooke Anderson
Blue Green Alliance Michael Williams
Center for Wisconsin Strategies Sarah L. White
Sierra Club Labor Programs Dean Hubbard
National Guest Workers Alliance Saket Soni


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