Jobs, health, methane – supplementary report on fracking

TUED supplementary briefing paper on fracking – summary of recent reports-April 13

Supplementary briefing paper prepared by Sean Sweeney for TUED

 This TUED briefing paper summarizes the main findings of two recent studies on fracking in the U.S. dealing respectively with fugitive methane and inflated job estimates.

It updates some of the data presented in the draft TUED paper,  The Global Shale Gas Boom and the Anti-Fracking Movement.  This paper is presently being prepared for publication.

The supplementary paper also summarizes the contents of a letter to president Obama from 1,000 health care professionals based in the United States that, citing clearly established health risks, urges fracking be stopped in order to protect the public.

Contents of the supplementary paper:

  • 1,000 Health Care Professionals Appeal to President Obama to Stop Fracking
  • New scientific study warns of serious climate impact of methane leakage from drilling
  • Study on fracking in six U.S. states claims industry job numbers are extremely overstated – jobs in shale gas are now falling.


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